Litter Prevention

team-clean-upKeep Thornton Beautiful supports the Great American Cleanup and encourages community members to actively pick up litter and trash in their community. People can join an Adopt-A-Street program through their city or organize a cleanup of a neighborhood playground or neighborhood area.

Visit Thornton’s Adopt-A-Street program (pdf) to learn more about this program.

Visit Neighborhood Improvement Projects in Thornton to read more on the​ Neighborhood Revitalization & Engagement initiative.

Litter Index

team-clean-up-3Each year the board members of Keep Thornton Beautiful conduct a litter index to measure progress on the fight against litter in the community. The board members survey 50 sites in Thornton and assess the amount of litter visible at these sites. Each site receives a rating on a scale from 1, which means minimal or no litter to 4, which means extremely littered.  An average score is then taken to report the overall amount of litter present in the community.  Keep Thornton Beautiful submits the results of the litter index each year to Keep America Beautiful.

The overall ratings of litter in the past three years:

  • 2015 = rating of 1.13
  • 2014 = rating of 1.36
  • 2013 = rating of 1.28